Vision Zero is simple in its mission: 

Eliminate traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries in Martin County.

Over the past five years, Martin County has welcomed 10,000 new residents and the number of annual visitors continues to climb. Over the same time, there have been over 8,000 crashes on roads in Martin County. Of these crashes, 351 resulted in death or serious injury.

The Martin Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and its partner municipalities are taking a bold stand to no longer accept these traffic fatalities and injuries as status quo. Our commitment is Vision Zero, which is a traffic safety initiative to reduce crashes and eliminate traffic-related deaths and serious injuries. Why? Because one traffic-related death is one too many.

These trends mean that every month approximately six people are seriously injured or killed on roads in Martin County. And all these serious injury and fatal crashes are occurring on just 12% of the roadway network.

Vision Zero distinguishes itself from traditional road safety approaches by focusing on fatalities and serious injuries and through acknowledgement of human error. Traffic related deaths and serious injuries are preventable and protecting human lives takes priority over all other objectives of the road system.

Achieving the Vision Zero goal is a shared responsibility between users, designers, and decision-makers. By using a collaborative and data-driven approach to road safety, our community is accountable for implementing Vision Zero.

Title VI ADA statement
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