The Martin MPO Vision Zero program is a continuation and evolution of safety planning and investments in Florida and Martin County.

At the state level, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has made safety a top priority across the state, particularly for people walking and biking.  Florida continues to be one of the most dangerous states in the US to walk and the number of traffic-related deaths and serious injuries continue to rise.  Resent policy and program investments include the Alert Today Alive Tomorrow safety program and the organization’s Complete Streets Implementation initiative. FDOT continues to invest in safety improvements with maintenance and capital projects, including in Martin County. As an organization, FDOT has adopted a Vision Zero policy and goal.

At the local level, the MPO, county and local municipalities have increasingly prioritized roadway safety to make decisions about transportation investments. Over the past five years, reducing crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities have been priority goals of the plans used to distribute the Federal and State transportation dollars that return to Martin County every year. Plans include:

Additionally, Martin County creates a Crash Surveillance Report every two years to identify what and where safety investments are needed.  The report is required as part of the Martin County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.

The Martin MPO Vision Zero program is a continuation of these past and on-going efforts.  The goal is to coordinate resources across organizations and with community partners to make Martin County a safe place to travel.

Title VI ADA statement
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